Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food, thou art my comfort

I realise I have been in denial. I am an emotional eater foodie. I eat better, cook better when I am happy, seek solace in food when I am sad. I draw strength from nibbling on chocolate when my heart needs sweetening. Celebrate my best moments with my favourite foods.

Speaking to my sister this afternoon, I was reminded of the 6 year old child in me who refused to eat anything other than rice and ketchup and fried eggs (sunny side up only, couple of drops of dark soy sauce on). As disgusting as rice and ketchup might sound to me now, the taste of a fried egg done "my style" never fails to make me and my tummy happy. Whites done with just enough fat to make the edges crispy, yellows smooth an creamy and just the right amount of soy for a bit of salty goodness.

Mmmm..what makes your tummy feel soft and fuzzy inside?


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