Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the last 2-3 years of my Amsterdam Adventure a brand new wave of (good) restaurants, specialty food shops and cool cocktail bars have opened up in this little town. 10 years ago when I washed up on the Amstel's shores there was not a Cosmopolitan in sight. Just beer. And jenever. Oh - and on occasion a very bad pink concoction with a maraschino cherry and a stripy straw which called itself a cocktail.

As I find myself surrounded by an increasing number of ugg-wearing tweens and mai-tai sipping hipsters I feel torn between 2 worlds. I love the fact that this city is beginning to feel like a real big city but I also love the the old grimy Amsterdam where one would have to comb the city for a shop that sold oreos and bartenders called me schat as I unwillingly sipped a Breezer ananas.

Tonight I embrace Amster-glam.. I look forward to sipping my lychee martini at dinner and not having to travel half the world to get it.

Proost schat.


Favourite Amsterdam Cocktail spots

1. Door 74 (Reguliersdwarsstraat 74)
Expensive drinks but worth it for the original mixology and great atmosphere which mimics old New York speakeasies. It's a "secret" spot - there's no sign on the door so you'll need to look for it. Call on the same day to make a reservation (recommended).

2. Vesper (Vinkenstraat 57)
It's number 2 for me because of the drinks - they are so good(!)- but this tiny bar in the Jordaan gets crazy crowded. Not for a quite night on the town.

3. Harry's (Spuistraat 285)
Classic cocktail bar, great place for a chat and a drink. Best PiƱa Colada in Amsterdam.


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