Monday, January 11, 2010


Over my lunch today it hit me - where was Arugula (or as the Dutch fondly refer to as Rucula) 10 years ago? I don't remember having Rucula when I was a kid or even as a teenager but now, there's Rucula everywhere I look, in every bloody sandwich I order.

Rucula is in, Rucula is now.

Food doesn't exactly follow the frequency of seasonal fashion but I realise it definitely follows trends. The shoulder pads of the 80s went hand in hand with moulded jelly salads (where did those go?!). Pesto hit the world in the 90's...and now... there's Rucula.

I figure, in fashion terms Rucula to would be like Uggs. Only a select few knew its existence merely a decade ago but now you are served up with some more often that you can care to see.

Rucul-Ugg anyone?


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